With just one battery, you can outlast any natural disaster on record with 10+ continuous days of light. You will save hundreds of dollars a year on batteries through average use!

Patented self charging technology

Since the Triatholight only requires one D cell battery, it's compact size is easy to bring with you anywhere. Great for camping, RV's, home use and walking your dog every night!

Save hundreds of dollars every year

Our patented self recharging technology is included in every Triatholight. Recharging your battery while not in use to give you even more total run-time for your money!                           

​                                                                                      *charges battery back up to 1.35 volts

Never get stuck with a dead flashlight again

2.8 million tons of non recyclable batteries are thrown away every year. Using the Triatholight will help save the environment from so much waste. Less batteries = less hazardous materials on the planet!

Helping save the environment


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Dependable lighting on demand. The Triatholight will give you dependable lighting any time you need it with it's Cree XML U2 bulb. Rated for 100,000 hours of life.

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